Concept : Is it make for what, I make it because I want to make. There ‘s no reason. In addition, the cause local creation and the city for the home.
Overview : High-quality open source CMS used to meet the needs of low-cost Web site will support the introduction.
Framework :



What is CMDB+? : ~ Other tasks & knowledge management system ~The CMDB +, WEB development tasks and knowledge system that can manage the server for installed.

You can feel free to use, intuitive multi-purpose.CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is a unified storage management information on all components of information systems (configuration management) into database.

ITIL has become the core of the configuration management process framework.

System Requirements : PHP 4.0 or higher + MySQL
Download : Please contact us.
Updates : 2011.3.8 Ver.1.0 Releases
Demo site : CMDB+

  • Manager         : manager/manager
  • General user  : user/user
License : BSD licenses


Overview :  “Handmade net shop of children’s clothing” which started small from the studies of his own and the interest of acquaintance.

Around ten years since the start-up has come all the way, totally in orbit, being praised in operation.

System Information :  EC-CUBE
Link :


Overview :  “Tennis score analysis application” is being developed so as to make ambition with tennis fellows come true.
System Information :  Landing Page
Link :


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